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SFU frequency converter

Universal drive control for utmost efficiency


MAGSON magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps are extremely efficient by nature. Using the SFU frequency converter for optimum adjustment to changing conditions, this efficiency will increase even more.


Thanks to leading-edge control technology, the SFU permanently adjusts the discharge rate to specific requirements. Whenever the rate has to be reduced or the pump has to be operated with changing volume flows, using a frequency converter will save you lots of money. Thus, the power required by a pump running at half speed is only 12% of the original demand. So the system operates with optimum efficiency but saves a lot of energy, especially in part-load operation.

Special features are

  • standard IP 65 design for installation in the field
  • setting of desired values by touch-key panel, potentiometer or I/O interface
  • various I/O interfaces and field bus options available

Mounting on top of the motor or wall mounting optionally available.



Advantages are

  • optimum use with pumps
  • decrease in operating cost by infinitely variable adjustment of the delivery rate actually required
  • exceptionally high efficiency within the whole range of speed
  • no additional shielded wiring required when being mounted on top of the motor
  • trouble-free retrofitting to existing installations because no electrical cabinet required



Calculating example

If you reduce the speed of a MAGSON MA 30/510 pump by 5 Hz, the delivery rate decreases by 12 % but at the same time, the power input falls by 28 % from 2.5 kWh to 1.8 kWh. This means an energy saving of up to 6000 kWh per year!

Accessories to MAGSON pumps

Motor accessories


  • ON/OFF switch with 2.5 m cable and plug (230 V AC only)
  • 5 m three-phase connection cable with CEE plug of 5 × 16 A, fully assembled
  • Frequency converter of IP class 65, mounted directly to the motor or for wall mounting


Slip-on flanges

to screw onto threaded ports including O-rings *

Thread adapters

to screw onto threaded ports including O-rings connecting with insert fitting and spigot nut *

Hose connections

Three-piece hose connections with spigot nut and hose nipple.


Also available are port seals, shut-off and check valves etc. suitable to any MAGSON pump.


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