Construction of our magnetically centrifugal pumps made of stainless steel

The advantage of seal-less, magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps: hermetically sealed and maintenance-free.

Conventionally operating centrifugal pumps with wear-resistant shaft seals reliably requires a high degree of technical and financial expenditure, particularly in the case of highly aggressive media. The availability of the plant is also reduced by the regularly required maintenance cycles.

The advantage of sealless, magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps: hermetically tight and maintenance-free.

The externally rotating drive magnet transmits the motor force without contact to the inner magnet and thus to the impeller (see graphic below). As a result, a continuous shaft is not required, and therefore no wear-resistant shaft seal is required.

The pump chamber and drive are hermetically separated from each other by spacer can. Leackage is impossible, the pumps are maintenance-free.


MAGSON magnetically centrifugal pumps of type MM in metallic design are always used when plastics are at their limit. The MAGSON MM is available alongside the standardized stainless steel 1.4401 in many other metallic designs such as Hastelloy or Titanium. Contact us if you have a special requirement - we will find the right solution for you.


MAGSON MM - Functionality